Current Wish Requests

Meet Ace!  Ace is 27 years old, lives in Indiana and is battling AML Leukemia.  Ace has a wish to go to Hollywood, California.  He loves all things red carpet and has a desire to see the Hollywood Sign, and walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  We have partnered with another organization to provide lodging and tickets to Universal Studios, and we are to provide transportation, and extra money for making memories with his caregiver.  We are also looking to bless Ace with a special red carpet event if possible.

If you would like to donate towards fulfilling Ace's last wish, please click here.  We ask that you please put in the note section that the donation is for "Ace's Wish"

Meet Walter!  Walter is 32 years old, lives in California and is battling ALS.  Walter's primary  wish is to meet LeBron James and have him sign his Lebron James sneakers.  His secondary wish is for a pair of either the Jordan 1 Dior sneakers or the Jordan 1 Chicago Off-White sneakers (both in a size 8).    

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