Salem, Oregon

‘I suffered a low-sodium gran-mal seizure on Thanksgiving Day, 2012. After spending a month in an unexplainable coma, I awakened to an even greater nightmare. While my body seemed to be fully functioning, my mind was far from functioning. I was unable to recognize even my dearest loved ones, including my parents, husband and children. As the three month drama unfolded, the trauma and subsequent recovery process left us flailing in a sea of bills. The James Bess Foundation stepped in with multiple fundraising events raising substantial funds to help pay the enormous medical bills as well as providing for our family’s everyday needs.  We would not have made it through this season without the foundation.  We are forever grateful for all the efforts, sacrifice and support of the James Bess Foundation.”

Jessica received her healing in 2013 and she remains completely whole and healthy with no residual effect

“I was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer, in 2015. Soon after, I was introduced to the James Bess Foundation and fell in love with their vision. Instead of asking for something for myself, I wanted to help spread the word about this amazing organization.  So, the James Bess Foundation partnered with my local church and had a benefit concert to highlight the Foundation and to raise funds to help me. Much to the amazement of my husband and myself, the Foundation raised $2000 to help us. Truly, this was more than we could have ever imagined and was an answer to prayer.  We were given a sense of hope and a sense of relief.  You just don’t take those sort of blessings for granted.  I will forever be a supporter of the James Bess Foundation.”

On Monday August 21, 2017 Nanette passed away.  We are saddened by the loss of this sweet and amazing woman, she will be greatly missed.

Nashville, Tennessee

Tom was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and had a need for a riding lawnmower.  Tom lives with and cares for his cousin who has Cerebral Palsy, which includes caring for her 5 acre property, three of which are mowable.  Due to financial restraints Tom wasn't able to afford a even a push lawnmower let alone a riding lawnmower so he resorted to mowing the entire three acres with a weed eater which was detrimental to his health.  Immediately following the receipt of this request we sprung into action and within two weeks Tom was given a beautiful zero-turn riding lawnmower!  The picture to the left is Tom with his new riding lawnmower!

Dream Fulfilled 08/05/2017

Rainbow City, AL

Larry was diagnosed with liver disease and had a wish of reconnecting with his son and attending a Tennessee Titan's game.  Larry lives in a small town in northeast Tennessee and his son lives in Grass Valley, California and neither one of them had the money for a plane ticket for the son to fly to Tennessee.  We were able to secure the son a plane ticket to reconnected with his dad.  We were also able to secure four tickets to see the Titan's play at Nissan Stadium! 

Dream Fulfilled on 09/06/2017


LaFayette, TN

Jeff was diagnosed with stage four cancer and had a dream to move back to his home in Arkansas from Tennessee but had difficulty traveling.  We worked with his hospice team and was able to find a volunteer to drive him back to Arkansas.  

Dream Fulfilled On 10/30/2017


Madison, TN


Adams, TN

Martin, former Sergeant in the US Army National Guard, was diagnosed with stage four cancer and had a dream to honor his family with a very special Christmas.  He left the details of the dream up to the foundation so we got to work to make this the best Christmas they have ever had!  After about 3 weeks of planning we were able to fill a 4ft Christmas tree with an assortment of gift cards, feed their large family a full Christmas dinner, provide entertainment of a concert by local singers/songwriters Amanda Page Cornett and Kyle Knoth, deliver a package from Charlie Daniels - including t-shirts, an autographed copy of his new book, and a check, and finally a phone call from Charlie Daniels himself!  Needless to say it was the Christmas dream of lifetime for this family!  


Dream Fulfilled on 12/18/2017 

Christy was diagnosed with Metastatic Ovarian Cancer and had a dream to live a little of the high life here in Nashville.  Through the generous giving of local businesses in town Christy was able to have a deluxe Spa Day at A Moments Peace salon and day spa, tickets for her and her family to attend a dinner show featuring Ray Stevens and tickets for her and her family to Cheekwood Estate and Gardens!  It was a great set of gifts to fulfill Christy's dream!  


Dream Fulfilled on 03/2018


Spring Hill, TN


Antioch, TN

Gloria was diagnosed with Metastatic Uterine Cancer and had a dream to fly to the Philippines to visit her mom and family before she passes.  We are happy to say that we were able to purchase her that ticket and fulfill her dream of going home!

Dream Fulfilled on 06/14/2019

We were also blessed to have a video done of Gloria, and her husband Jesse, sharing their story.

Click HERE for the YouTube link

“In September 2018 my wife, Gloria, was diagnosed with stage four cancer of the uterus. Our doctor recommended the James Bess Foundation earlier because my wife wanted to see her family in the Philippines before she becomes unable to travel. We filled out the application, mailed it in and was contacted within three days. They were amazingly able to purchase the ticket for Gloria’s trip. They organized the trip and have been extremely helpful with all the documentations we needed. They’ve gone above and beyond to help us in our needs. They’re making my wife’s dream come true and there is no way I can truly tell you how grateful I am! The foundation deserves all the support that can be mustered!  God bless the James Bess Foundation. Thank you, Mindy, for everything!”

Jesse (Gloria's husband)


Rock Island, TN

Darryl was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic colon cancer and had a wish for a riding lawnmower so he could regain some of his independence and enjoy taking care of his yard again.  We partnered with the Home Depot Foundation as well as the Home Depot in Manchester, TN to not only grant his wish of the riding lawnmower, but to also do an initial clean up and mowing of his yard.

Dream Fulfilled on 06/27/2019

We were also blessed to have a video done of Darryl sharing his story.

Click HERE for the YouTube link

“My apprehension almost kept me from filling out the application to the James Bess Foundation for a riding lawn mower. The thought that it was actually going to come true never crossed my mind. That's why I was so excited when I got the phone call that my dream wish was going to be fulfilled! It happened only days after sending in the application. It all became so real when they showed up with the lawn mower and a team of people to clean up my yard that had not been touched in five months. This wish has given me back some of myself. It has given me the chance to gain back some of my independence to get outside and engage in a hobby I have always loved. I can now spend time in my yard and get away from only living with the cancer for a while. This gift will continue to bless me over and over with new hope. Thanks so much to the James Bess Foundation for all of it!”


Longview, TX

Don is a 60 year old Marine Veteran battling stage 4 brain cancer.  Don lives in Texas and had a wish is to spend Labor Day Weekend on the beach with his wife, and family.  Don also had a wish for his son, who is currently serving in the Army,  and his sons family to join them.  After talking to the son, he was able to obtain leave for this trip and surprise his dad at a restaurant that very first night!  

Click HERE for the video of the surprise reunion.

Thanks to the huge generosity of Texans, we have not only fulfilled that wish of a beach vacation, but we were able to secure a lot more for this amazing family - including free meals at several restaurants, and a family photo shoot on the beach!  

Dream Fulfilled on 08/29/2019

“Thank you for doing so much for our family vacation! It was a wonderful experience. I saw the James Bess Foundation on a Brain Cancer website and contacted Mindy. My husbands wish was to have a family vacation at the beach. The James Bess Foundation went above and beyond our expectations. Mindy even surprised us with a visit from our son and his family from Ft. Hood! We were given a gift that I can’t express how much it meant to us. My husband wanted time with the family and Mindy (and the James Bess Foundation) did an amazing job!" Tana Pierce (Don's wife)

Jesus is 48 years old and is battling stage 4 cancer.  Jesus lives in Colorado and served as a Colorado State Patrol Trooper for over 20 years and had a wish of some simple bathroom modifications.  We partnered with a local contractor out in Colorado to grant Jesus' wish.

Dream Fulfilled on 08/29/2019


Commerce City, CO

Beverly is 64 years old and is battling malignant melanoma.  Beverly lives in Tennessee and had a wish of to meet the band members of Guns N' Roses.  We are happy to announce we were able to grant Beverly's wish.

Dream Fulfilled on 10/13/2019


Hendersonville, TN

Randy is 50 years old and is battling lung cancer.  Randy lives in Michigan and had a wish of seeing the ocean for the first time with his brother.  We partnered with All Things PCB Outreach down in Panama City Beach to fulfill Randy's wish! 


Please click HERE to see his wish fulfillment story!  

Dream Fulfilled on 10/15/2019


Holland, MI

Lisa was 46 years old and recently passed away from Glioblastoma - brain cancer.  Her wish was for a small intimate worship session with Reba McEntire.  However, since Reba is working in California she was unable to give the requested worship session, so instead she called Lisa and spoke to her on the phone.   


Please click HERE to see Lisa's story, including a video of the exchange between Lisa and Reba


Dream Fulfilled on 01/23/2020


Evansville, IN

Kandice is 38 years old and is battling ovarian cancer.  Her wish was to take her two friends to Gatlinburg for a girls getaway.  We were more than excited to grant Kandice her wish!  

Dream Fulfilled on 01/30/2020


Nashville, TN

Jessica is 45 years old, lives in Tennessee and is battling metastatic ovarian cancer.  Jessica's wish request was to take her family to Gatlinburg.  We have been blessed with a cabin in Gatlinburg - courtesy of Smoky Mountain Views - and were able to provide some extra funds for food and excursions.  

Dream Fulfilled on 08/27/2020


Springfield, TN

Lorna is 53 years old, lives in Oregon and is battling metastatic lung cancer.  Lorna's wish request was to take her family to Hawaii.  However due to circumstances beyond our control we sent her and her family for a week on the Oregon Coast.  We also arranged a deep sea fishing trip for her and 2 of her kids. 

Dream Fulfilled on 10/13/2020


Crooked River Ranch, OR

Andre is 57 years old, lives in Connecticut and is battling stage four lung cancer.  Andre's wish request was to take his wife and son to the Florida coast and go on a fishing trip. Thanks to All Thing's PCB Outreach we were able to send Cheech and his family to Panama City Beach for a wonderful getaway!

Wish Fulfilled on 10/22/2020


Bristol, CT

Brian is 39 years old, lives in Wisconsin and is battling brain cancer.  Brian had a wish to see his three boys and wife get new Burton Snowboarding equipment.  Thanks to the people at Burton Snowboarding, all three of Brian's boys and his wife were gifted a complete set of brand new snowboarding equipment! 

Wish fulfilled on 12/5/2020

Green Bay, WI

Mike is 58 years old, lives in Rockfield, Kentucky and is battling Lung cancer.  Mike is a former Army Ranger and had a wish for a Greek dinner and an authentic German dinner.  Thanks to the people at Anna's Greek Restaurant, and a German volunteer both meals have been provided to Mike and his family!   

Wish fulfilled on 12/11/2020

Rockfield, KY

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